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Following graduation from University of California Santa Barbara, Steve Thomas followed in the family footsteps and joined the Real Estate Industry. Starting his career in sales and then eventually moving into remodels and new construction, Steve has run the gambit of Residential Real Estate. By doing so, Steve’s experience brings a broader understanding of the opportunities in Real Estate to the company’s clients.

Steve has also spent the past five years as the managing member of Thomas Investments LLC. The company oversees the investment and repositioning of underperforming Real Estate assets and seeks to improve them. This experience has brought with it a wide scope of experience in the investment side of Real Estate to complement the company’s already VERY strong sales sector.

Steve’s out of the box approach to sales has cultivated a more investment based understanding of Real Estate to the company’s clients. In addition, he has driven the company’s own growth structure into the direction of property management and investment. By doing so, he is setting an example for clients looking to place money in stable, tangible assets while helping secure the future of the company and its assets.




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