I’m Just Buying A Home, Not Training for the Olympics!

Home Buying & Earning a Gold MedalBuying a home is not as easy of a task as most people would imagine. It takes time to determine not only what you want and where you want it, but also what you can afford.

After those two tasks are nailed down, time, research and organizational know-how are required to ensure a stress-free and seamless transaction for both home buyers and sellers. That’s why you need an experienced and knowledgable real estate agent.

I know it’s hard to believe, but as a real estate agent, I don’t just sit around eating bon-bons, sorting paint chips, and watching television. In fact, I’ve probably seen less Olympic events than you this summer! Instead I work hard to ensure that I am helping my clients in the most and best ways imaginable. In some ways, you might even say that being a real estate agent is like becoming an athlete!

I Train Every Day – I am constantly on the look-out not just for homes, but also for tools to make the buying and selling process easier on my clients. I seek out real-time marketing information I can share with you on my blog but also in person as I consider your individual needs. I use technology to make sure I keep up my edge and am aware whenever a new listing or open house is available in your neighborhood. It’s my job to know your area and I can’t do that without a daily commitment to myself AND to you!

I Start with The End in Mind – I set goals, personally, professionally, and also as your advocate in real estate. Whether you are searching or selling in a specific price range or are more concerned with architecture, I make delivering on your real estate dreams my goal. I love to win and while I may not get a medal to hang around my neck, I take great pride in knowing that I accomplished something profound when I see your real estate needs met. Seeing a happy new home owner or satisfied home seller makes my day!

I Set Specific Targets – Just as Olympians use determined focus and endurance to train for their events, I do the same when meeting your real estate needs. As your agent, I can outline the specific steps we will take to find you a home or get your home sold, or both. Details matter in real estate transactions and I will make sure you understand the importance of each. We will develop timelines, as well, to make sure that expectations are met for you and for me. As we reach the targeted steps throughout the process, you will feel confident and secure and relaxed, knowing that we are on track. If something unexpected occurs, we will easily redirect it and/or modify the targets as needed, to keep focus on buying or selling your home.

So, no, you’re not training for the Olympics when you buy or sell your home, but I may as well be! I want you to reach your highest real estate goals and to do that, I need to be at the top of my game. So ask me about my training, my credentials, and how well I know your area – let me show you how I’d compete if real estate was an Olympic event. Together, I know we’d bring home the gold!

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